Annual Conferences

The 25th Annual Conference:

Conference Theme: SDGs: Opportunities and Challenges for Reproductive Health in Africa

Pre- Conference CME:

Basic Obstetrics Ultrasound Training (Hands-on Training): by Joan Mastrobattista MD, Professor, Shifa Turan, MD RDMS, Assistant Professor, Nasrin Benion, Lead Maternal-Fetal Medicine Sonographer

Hysteroscopy (Advancing your Skills in Operative and Office Hysteroscopy): by Robert K. Zurawin, Associate Professor

Update in Critical Care Medicine Relevant for Ob-Gyn Practice: by Haywood Brown, Professor

Writing Manuscripts: by Dr. Nancy Chescheir

Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis: by Dr. Nancy Chescheir

Infertility Management: by Dr. Robert Zurawin, Dr. Eyassu Mesfin, Dr. Mustfa Negash, Dr Eskinder Kebede

Perinatal and Neonatal Death Surveillance and Response: by Dr. Ruth Lawley, Dr. Tamiru Wondie, Dr. Abiy Seifu, Dr. Azmach Hadush, Dr. Dilayehu Bekele, Pro. Bogale Worku

The 24th Annual Conference:

Conference Theme: From MDGs to SDGs: Reinvigorating the Roles of ESOG

Issues addressed on the panel discussion include:

MDG: Unfinished agenda, the Ethiopian case: by Dr. Haimanot Ambelu, FMoH

Overview of SDGs, Ending Preventable Child and Maternal Deaths (EPCMD) and other global indicators on maternal health: by Dr Azmach Hadush, WHO

The role of ESOG: Past, Present and Future : by Dr Solomon Kumbi, ESOG

 Scientific Papers Presented:

Factors Affecting Intention to Use Long Acting and Permanent Contraceptive Methods among Married Women of Reproductive Age Groups in Western Ethiopia:  by Tesfalidet Tekleab

Knowledge, attitude and practice of Health care providers towards safe abortion provision in Addis Ababa health centers, 2015: by Dr Endalkachew Mekonnen

The 23rd Annual Conference:

Conference Theme: Meeting the needs of Post-MDG MNH issues in Ethiopia: the role of scaling up quality Obstetrics & Gynecology training  

Issues addressed on the panel discussion include:

Federal Ministry of Health’s plans and issues in light of scaling up quality Obstetrics and Gynecology training: by Dr. Wondimagegn Embiale  

Post MDG Agenda: by Prof. Wendy Graham

Role of ESOG in scaling up quality Obstetrics and Gynecology training: by Dereje Negussie

 Scientific Papers Presented:

The 22nd Annual Conference:

Conference Theme: Evidence Based Intervention in Maternal and Newborn Health  
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include: 
Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS Programmatic perspective: by Dr. Tewodros Bekele  
Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS Scientific perspective: by Dr. Abdulhamid Isehak  
Post Partum IUD Scale Up in Ethiopia: by Dr. Solomon Kumbi  
Antenatal Corticosteroids for Threatened Preterm Delivery: by Dr. Yenealem Tadesse 
Scientific Papers Presented: 
Prevalence and associated risk factors of anemia among non-pregnant women of childbearing age in Jimma town, south west Ethiopia:  by Yaregal Asres 
Maternal death surveillance and response in Ethiopia:  by Dr. Ekram Mohammed  
What’s The Latest in FP Use and Unmet Need?:  by Dr. Dereje Negussie 
Rapid Qualitative Assessment of Maternal and Newborn Health Care (MNCH) Speaking Book in Two Districts, Amhara Region, Ethiopia:  by Dr. Endale Engida  
Subclinical iodine deficiency among pregnant women in Haramaya District, Eastern Ethiopia: evidences from a community-based study:  by Haji Kedir  
Unmet need for family planning and its determinants among women in HIV/AIDS care and treatment in Southern Ethiopia:  by Dr. Mekdes Daba  
Awareness and associated factors among female students in higher educational institutions towards legalization of safe abortion, Harari Region, Eastern Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study:  by Ayele Geleto  
Introduction of a Standardized second trimester medical abortion training and service provision in Ethiopia, October 2010-May 2013:  by Dr. Yonas Getachew  
Pregnancy related acute renal failure requiring Hemodialysis: An Early Experience from a Single Center in Ethiopia:  by Dr. Delayehu Bekele  
Mothers awareness about obstetric dander signs and barriers’ of health care seeking practice at Haramaya District, Eastern Ethiopia, 2012: A Community based study:  by Fekade Assefa.