Annual Conferences

The 13th Annual Conference:

Pre-conference workshop: Women centered post abortion care.
International commitments to reduce unsafe abortion & Chronology of postabortion care including a brief overview on the women centered PAC manual: by Dr. Fitsum Araya.
The Revised Penal Code of Abortion in Ethiopia ,Upcoming issues and next steps: by W/o Ellen Alem.
IPAS MVA plus aspirator and IPAS easy grip cannulae: by Dr. Yewondwossen Tilahun.
Conference theme: Millennium Development Goals in relation to the National RH strategy: Challenges and Opportunities.
Conference theme:  Millennium Development Goal in relation to National Strategy of RH: Challenges and Opportunities and Pre Conference Workshop On Women Centered Post Abortion Care and workshop on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights. 
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include: 
Road map to safe motherhood: by Dr. Kidane G/Kidan, WHO.
Health system and management readiness for MDG with RH strategy: by Dr. Ayele Debebe, MoH.
MDG in relation to RH strategy challenges and opportunities: Economic perspective in Ethiopian set-up: by Ato Netsanet Walelegn, ESHE.
MDG in relation to RH strategy with Population perspective: what are the challenges: by Garry Conille, UNFPA.
The contribution of science & technology towards achieving the MDG in relation to RH strategy: by Dr. Yemane Teklai, Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission.
The role of professional societies in attaining MDGs related with RH: by Dr. Wouhabe Marai, ESOG. 

The 12th Annual Conference:

Pre-conference Dissemination workshop: Save the Mothers Project Ambo.
Presentations : Summary of achievements:
SMP Ambo Community activities: by Dr. Solomon Kumbi, Central Project Coordinator.
Clinical activities: by Dr. Ayele Debebe, Site Project Coordinator.
Reasons for underutilization of Emergency Obstetric services in three woredas of west shoa zone, Oromia region, Ethiopia: a qualitative study: by Drs Solomon kumbi and Ayele debebe.
The way forward: by Dr. Solomon Kumbi.
Maternal Mortality Reduction, A major challenge for developing countries: by Dr. Tekleab Mekbib.
Maternal Mortality Audit: A one day pre-conference workshop on methods of auditing maternal deaths.
Review of Maternal Death and Complications to make pregnancy safer: by Prof. V.M. Lema M.B. Ch. B; M. Med .O/G, secretary of ECSAOGS task force.
Methods of Reviewing maternal death and complications: by Dr. A.D Mulanga.
Regional Efforts in conducting Maternal Death Reviews: by Prof. V.M Lema. For full information refer to the 12TH ESOG conference.
Conference theme: Skilled attendance at delivery.
Issues addressed in the panel discussion include: 
Creating an enabling environment for skilled attendance at delivery (Laws, Policies and related programs): by Dr. Ermias Getaneh, MPH, Ministry of Health Family Health Department.
Challenges in deployment and retention of health personnel in expanding coverage of skilled attendance: by Dr. Kidane G/Kidan, NPO/MPS, WHO.
Partnership for skilled care: saving mothers and newborns: by Dr. Alemache T/Himanot, UNICEF.
The forgotten newborn: by Dr. Assaye Kassie, President, Ethiopian Pediatric Association.
The role of midwives in promoting skilled attendants: by Sr. Kiros Kebede , Ethiopian Nurse Midwives Association.
The role of professional Association in promoting skilled care Skilled birth attendance: by Dr, Kassahun Kiros, ESOG.
Scientific Papers Presented:
Overview of prevention of postpartum hemorrhage: by Dr. Abdulhadi Eltahir, MPH, Senior Technical Advisor, USAID, Washington.
Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage, special initiative: by Dr. Asheber Getachew, ESOG, Prevention of PPH Project Coordinator.
The way forward in the prevention of PPH: by Dr. Biruk Tafesse, ESOG member, Assistant Project Coordinator.
Mainstreaming of Emergency contraception in the public sector: by Dr. Tekleab Mekbib, Medical Advisor, Population Council.
Socio - demographic profile and obstetric experience of fistula patients managed at the Addis Ababa Fistula hospital: by Dr. Mulu Muletta, ESOG member, Fistula hospital.
Review of patterns of obstetric and gynecologic admissions to surgical ICU of TAH: by Dr. Amanuel Kebede.
A case report a patient with ruptured ectopic pregnancy and ileoceacal volvulus: by Dr. Bivash Basu, MD, PHD, FRACE.
Assessment of safe delivery service utilization among women of childbearing age in north Gondar Zone north west Ethiopia: by Mesfin Nigussie, Damen Hailemariam , Getnet Mitikie.
Fertility awareness and pregnancy intention of post abortion patients in Addis Ababa: by Yilma Melkamu, Fikre Enquselassie, Ahmed Ali, Hailmichael G/Selassie, Lukman Yusuf.
Pregnancy outcome following conservative management of preterm severe preclampsia: by Sisay Teklu, Ashebir Gaym.
Sexual violence among women with unwanted pregnancy: by Drs Solomon Desalegn, Solomon Kumbi.

The 11th Annual Conference:

Conference theme: Prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS: Integration of PMTCT into Save the Mothers Program.
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include: 
Women’s issue and HIV: Overview with emphasis on its relevance to PMTCT: by Dr. Jean Anderson, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Johns Hopkin’s University.
PMTCT of HIV as a component of safe motherhood: Global and regional experience: by Dr. Inam Chitsike, WHO AFRO.
Prime II experience on PMTCT in Rwanda: by Dr. Sosthene Bucyana, Prime II.
PMTCT of HIV/AIDS the Ethiopian situation, challenges, threats and opportunities: by Dr. Abdulhamid Isehak, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Addis Ababa University.
The integration of PMTCT of HIV into existing MCH services in Ethiopia: Current status: by Dr. Tesfanesh Belay, Head Family Health Department, Ministry of Health Ethiopia.
The way forward: by Dr. Feiruz Surur, President, ESOG.
Scientific papers presented:
Mifepreston ( RU- 486) Present and future application: by Dr. A.D. Dwivedi.
Female voluntary Surgical contraception: A five years analysis at family planning: by Asfaw Fekensa, M.D, Kidane G/Kidan, M.D, Feiruz Surur, M.D
Guidance association of Ethiopia Addis Ababa Main branch: by Dr. Asfaw Fekensa.
Sero-prevalence of HIV 1&2 and possible factors affecting prevention of vertical transmission of HIV in antenatal care attendants: by Dr. Getachew Damen, Jimma University Hospital .
Occupational exposure to blood and other body fluids among RH workers in three teaching hospitals in Addis Ababa: by Dr. Shemse Legesso.
Gynecological laparoscopy in infertile women the experience at Gondar College of Medical sciences: by Dr. Nuru Abseno.
KAP on Emergency Contraception among female students in a high school in Addis Ababa: by Dr. Mesfin G/Egziabher.
Assessment of abortion in the rural and urban area of north west Ethiopia: by Dr. Elias Senbeto.

The 10th Annual Conference:

Conference theme: Violence against women. 
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include:
An Overview on Violence Against Women and SRH: by Dr. Solomon Kumbi.
SRH in Ethiopia: by Dr. Tesfanesh Belay.
Threats and violence to health and development: by Dr. Clare Rudd, a Clinical Psychologist from Zimbabwe.
Women rights policies and international agreements: by W/o Emebet Kebede, EWLA.
Socio-cultural practices harmful to women: by Dr. Dehab Belay, NTCPE.