Annual Conferences

The 14th Annual Conference:

Pre-conference workshop: Two weeks training of research proposal Development
Androgen insensitivity syndrome by Dr Dereje Negussie
An unusual case of cervical Dystocia by Dr Samson Jema
Determinants of VCT uptake among pregnant women attending two ANC clinics in Addis  Ababa city: by Dr Paulos Maedot 
Introduction to pediatric gynecology by  Prof  M.S. Banerjee 
Advanced abdominal pregnancy by Dr. Wondwossen Belete
Management of Preterm premature Rupture of membranes by Prof. M.S Banerjee/Dr.     Nebreed Fisseha 
Conference theme:  Implementing Best Practices: The Way Forward
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include: 
What is IBP? and ESOG’s best practices  by Dr Yirgu G/Hiowt, ESOG
Making pregnancy safer program best practices by Dr Ayele Debebe ,MOH-WHO
Engendered health’s best RH experiences by Dr Gelila kidane,Country Director ,Engender Health
Lessons learned in implementing and improving Post Abortion Care services by Dr Takele Geressu ,Senior program officer, IPAS, Ethiopia
Taking PMTCT services from Facility to Community  by Cristina Ruden, Country Director,  INTRAHEALTH, Ethiopia
Preventing FGM: experiences from the afar region by Dr Sitotaw Abagare,Care Ethiopia
Leading and Managing Change, and taking Sound Innovations to Scale by Jerker Liljestrand, Assistant professor, Lund university, Sweden

The 13th Annual Conference:

Pre-conference workshop: Women centered post abortion care.
International commitments to reduce unsafe abortion & Chronology of postabortion care including a brief overview on the women centered PAC manual: by Dr. Fitsum Araya.
The Revised Penal Code of Abortion in Ethiopia ,Upcoming issues and next steps: by W/o Ellen Alem.
IPAS MVA plus aspirator and IPAS easy grip cannulae: by Dr. Yewondwossen Tilahun.
Conference theme: Millennium Development Goals in relation to the National RH strategy: Challenges and Opportunities.
Conference theme:  Millennium Development Goal in relation to National Strategy of RH: Challenges and Opportunities and Pre Conference Workshop On Women Centered Post Abortion Care and workshop on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights. 
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include: 
Road map to safe motherhood: by Dr. Kidane G/Kidan, WHO.
Health system and management readiness for MDG with RH strategy: by Dr. Ayele Debebe, MoH.
MDG in relation to RH strategy challenges and opportunities: Economic perspective in Ethiopian set-up: by Ato Netsanet Walelegn, ESHE.
MDG in relation to RH strategy with Population perspective: what are the challenges: by Garry Conille, UNFPA.
The contribution of science & technology towards achieving the MDG in relation to RH strategy: by Dr. Yemane Teklai, Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission.
The role of professional societies in attaining MDGs related with RH: by Dr. Wouhabe Marai, ESOG. 

The 12th Annual Conference:

Pre-conference Dissemination workshop: Save the Mothers Project Ambo.
Presentations : Summary of achievements:
SMP Ambo Community activities: by Dr. Solomon Kumbi, Central Project Coordinator.
Clinical activities: by Dr. Ayele Debebe, Site Project Coordinator.
Reasons for underutilization of Emergency Obstetric services in three woredas of west shoa zone, Oromia region, Ethiopia: a qualitative study: by Drs Solomon kumbi and Ayele debebe.
The way forward: by Dr. Solomon Kumbi.
Maternal Mortality Reduction, A major challenge for developing countries: by Dr. Tekleab Mekbib.
Maternal Mortality Audit: A one day pre-conference workshop on methods of auditing maternal deaths.
Review of Maternal Death and Complications to make pregnancy safer: by Prof. V.M. Lema M.B. Ch. B; M. Med .O/G, secretary of ECSAOGS task force.
Methods of Reviewing maternal death and complications: by Dr. A.D Mulanga.
Regional Efforts in conducting Maternal Death Reviews: by Prof. V.M Lema. For full information refer to the 12TH ESOG conference.
Conference theme: Skilled attendance at delivery.
Issues addressed in the panel discussion include: 
Creating an enabling environment for skilled attendance at delivery (Laws, Policies and related programs): by Dr. Ermias Getaneh, MPH, Ministry of Health Family Health Department.
Challenges in deployment and retention of health personnel in expanding coverage of skilled attendance: by Dr. Kidane G/Kidan, NPO/MPS, WHO.
Partnership for skilled care: saving mothers and newborns: by Dr. Alemache T/Himanot, UNICEF.
The forgotten newborn: by Dr. Assaye Kassie, President, Ethiopian Pediatric Association.
The role of midwives in promoting skilled attendants: by Sr. Kiros Kebede , Ethiopian Nurse Midwives Association.
The role of professional Association in promoting skilled care Skilled birth attendance: by Dr, Kassahun Kiros, ESOG.
Scientific Papers Presented:
Overview of prevention of postpartum hemorrhage: by Dr. Abdulhadi Eltahir, MPH, Senior Technical Advisor, USAID, Washington.
Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage, special initiative: by Dr. Asheber Getachew, ESOG, Prevention of PPH Project Coordinator.
The way forward in the prevention of PPH: by Dr. Biruk Tafesse, ESOG member, Assistant Project Coordinator.
Mainstreaming of Emergency contraception in the public sector: by Dr. Tekleab Mekbib, Medical Advisor, Population Council.
Socio - demographic profile and obstetric experience of fistula patients managed at the Addis Ababa Fistula hospital: by Dr. Mulu Muletta, ESOG member, Fistula hospital.
Review of patterns of obstetric and gynecologic admissions to surgical ICU of TAH: by Dr. Amanuel Kebede.
A case report a patient with ruptured ectopic pregnancy and ileoceacal volvulus: by Dr. Bivash Basu, MD, PHD, FRACE.
Assessment of safe delivery service utilization among women of childbearing age in north Gondar Zone north west Ethiopia: by Mesfin Nigussie, Damen Hailemariam , Getnet Mitikie.
Fertility awareness and pregnancy intention of post abortion patients in Addis Ababa: by Yilma Melkamu, Fikre Enquselassie, Ahmed Ali, Hailmichael G/Selassie, Lukman Yusuf.
Pregnancy outcome following conservative management of preterm severe preclampsia: by Sisay Teklu, Ashebir Gaym.
Sexual violence among women with unwanted pregnancy: by Drs Solomon Desalegn, Solomon Kumbi.

The 11th Annual Conference:

Conference theme: Prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS: Integration of PMTCT into Save the Mothers Program.
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include: 
Women’s issue and HIV: Overview with emphasis on its relevance to PMTCT: by Dr. Jean Anderson, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Johns Hopkin’s University.
PMTCT of HIV as a component of safe motherhood: Global and regional experience: by Dr. Inam Chitsike, WHO AFRO.
Prime II experience on PMTCT in Rwanda: by Dr. Sosthene Bucyana, Prime II.
PMTCT of HIV/AIDS the Ethiopian situation, challenges, threats and opportunities: by Dr. Abdulhamid Isehak, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Addis Ababa University.
The integration of PMTCT of HIV into existing MCH services in Ethiopia: Current status: by Dr. Tesfanesh Belay, Head Family Health Department, Ministry of Health Ethiopia.
The way forward: by Dr. Feiruz Surur, President, ESOG.
Scientific papers presented:
Mifepreston ( RU- 486) Present and future application: by Dr. A.D. Dwivedi.
Female voluntary Surgical contraception: A five years analysis at family planning: by Asfaw Fekensa, M.D, Kidane G/Kidan, M.D, Feiruz Surur, M.D
Guidance association of Ethiopia Addis Ababa Main branch: by Dr. Asfaw Fekensa.
Sero-prevalence of HIV 1&2 and possible factors affecting prevention of vertical transmission of HIV in antenatal care attendants: by Dr. Getachew Damen, Jimma University Hospital .
Occupational exposure to blood and other body fluids among RH workers in three teaching hospitals in Addis Ababa: by Dr. Shemse Legesso.
Gynecological laparoscopy in infertile women the experience at Gondar College of Medical sciences: by Dr. Nuru Abseno.
KAP on Emergency Contraception among female students in a high school in Addis Ababa: by Dr. Mesfin G/Egziabher.
Assessment of abortion in the rural and urban area of north west Ethiopia: by Dr. Elias Senbeto.