Annual Conferences

The 6th Annual Conference:

Conference theme: Violence Against Women.
Issues addressed in the panel discussion include:
Violence against women magnitude of the problem: by Mrs Judith Kennedy Family health department, Ministry of Health Ethiopia. 
Violence against women: the Female Genital Mutilation: by W/o Almaz H / Selassie, private Consultant.
Violence against Women the Legal Aspect: by W/o original W/Giorgis, Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association.

The 5th Annual Conference:

Conference theme: STD HIV/AIDS.
Issues addressed in the panel discussion include:
Epidemiology of AIDS: by Dr. Derege Kebede.
AIDS in pregnant women: by Dr. Bekele Chamiso.
STD, HIV /AIDS in Ethiopia: by Dr. Hailu Negassa.
HIV Sero-prevalence and its association with Syphilis sero- positivity: by Dr. Kidane G/Kidan.
HIV/ AIDS as occupational hazard: by Dr. Elisabeth Duncan.
Prevention of HIV transmission in the community: by Dr. Daniel Fekade.

The 4th Annual Conference:

Conference theme: Adolescent reproductive health.
Panel Discussion on Adolescent reproductive health: Adolescent reproductive health problems in Kenya. by Dr. Kama Rogo.
Scientific papers presented:
Community based distribution of family planning: by Dr. I Willem.
Grand multi-parity at Jimma Hospital: by Dr. Solomon Mehari.
A randomized controlled therapeutic trial of MVA VS SMC in the treatment of incomplete abortion: by Dr. Ephrem Kassaye.
A survey of adolescent RH in the city of Addis Ababa: by Dr. Eyob Tadesse.

The 3rd Annual Conference:

Conference theme: Essential obstetric care which focused on the components of essential care. 
Issues addressed in the panel discussion include:
Components of Essential Obstetric Care: by Dr. Bo Moller, senior Obstetrician and Gynecologist, advisor to the family health department of ministry of health Ethiopia.
Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative: by A.O Grange, WHO, MO/MCH, Nigeria.
Scientific Papers presented Include:
Obstetric fistula: a retrospective study of 1210 cases: by Dr. Mulu Muleta.
Maternal Mortality in Gondar College of Medical sciences: by Dr. Abdulhamid Yishak.
Incidence an determinants of infectious morbidity following Cesarean section: by Dr. Yirgu G/ Hiwot.
Pelvic abscess and HIV Infection by Dr. Assefa Atakilti.
Tubal Ligation and Mini Laparatomy the Gondar Experience by Dr. Kidane G/ Kidane.