Annual Conferences

The 21st Annual Conference:

Conference Theme: Expanding Family Planning Services: The Role of Professional Associations 
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include: 
Pre-service Training & Family Planning: by Dr. Senait Fisseha 
Family Planning and MDG’s: by Dr. Solomon Kumbi 
Trends in Family Planning: by Prof. Assefa H/Mariam 
Family Planning Programs & Making the Youth Beneficiary: by Ato Difabachew Setegn 
Scientific Papers Presented: 
Level of knowledge of cervical cancer and screening test among women in Nekemte Town, Western Ethiopia:  by Dr. Esayas Berhanu
Health service providers perception and practice towards safe abortion care in Tigray Region, Northern Ethiopia: by Tesfay Gebregzabher
A qualitative study on Family Planning in Zone 3 of Afar region: by Tigist Fantu
The role of the private sector for provision of family planning & other sexual & reproductive health (SRH): by Melkam Teshome  
Expanding Access to Long Acting & permanent Family planning methods through task sharing- the experience of Marie Stopes International Ethiopia Country Program: by Dr. Birhanu Sendek
Exploring the discrepancy between ante-natal attendance and delivery in hospital or health center: by Dr. Margaret McDougald
Review of antenatal attendance and deliveries in a new maternity hospital in the Afar Region, Ethiopia: by Dr. Margaret McDougald
Prevalence and distribution of Hepatitis B and HIV in patients attending a maternity hospital in the Afar Region of Ethiopia: by Dr. Margaret McDougald
Completion of the audit cycle; the introduction of two comprehensive structured computerized proformas to assist in the standard of the understanding and documentation for operative vaginal delivery and caesarean section: by Dr. Mary McCauley
The need for continuation and increase in the national awareness of Menstruation Hygiene Management (MHM) in order to promote young women’s reproductive and sexual health in Ethiopia: by Dr. Mary McCauley
Medico legal evidence and legal outcome in Addis Ababa: by Dr. Birhanu Kebede
HIV Exposed Infants following at PMTCT Clinics: Risk of HIV transmission and its predictors in Northwest Ethiopia: by Digsu Negese
Parent and peer communications on sexual and reproductive health issues are independently associated with contraceptive method awareness of secondary school female students: A Cross Sectional study in Northern Ethiopia: by Yohannes Adama.

The 20th Annual Conference:

Conference Theme: The Future of Training in Obstetrics and Gynecology  
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include: 
Human Resource Plan: Federal Ministry of Health’s Perspective: by Dr. Lydia Tesfaye  
The Future of Training in Obstetrics and Gynecology: Addis Ababa University’s Perspective : by Dr. Dereje Gulilat 
Scaling Quality Trained Manpowe: by Dr. Tegbar Yigzaw 
Residency Training Quality Assurance: by Dr. Ira R Horowitz 
The Future of Training in Obstetrics and Gynecology: ESOG’s Perspective: by Dr. Yirgu G/Hiwot 
Public Health Obstetrics: The Role of Maternal Death Reviews: by Wendy J Graham 
Scientific Papers Presented: 
Maternity waiting homes in Ethiopia-three decades experience: by Dr. Asheber Gaym 
Maternal death and near miss review: as a tool in reducing maternal mortality and severe morbidity, ESOG/FIGO-LOGIC Initiative in MNH Project, Ethiopia: by Ato Biruk T/Selassie 
Initial experience in rolling out Mgso4 in Ethiopia: by Dr. Birhanu Kebede  
Obstetric Fistula: the use of urethral plugs for the management of persistent urinary incontinence following successful repair: by Dr. Mulugeta Tiruneh  
Different strategic approaches in obstetric fistula care and training: by Dr. Mulu Muleta 
Epidemilogy of Obstetric Fistula, literature review: by Dr. Mulu Muleta
Brief communication Fistula treatment in Tigray region: by Melaku Abriha
In-school Risky Sexual Behavior and Poly substance Use: by Dr. Yifru Birhan
Meta-analyis and Meta-regression on Sexual Behaviour of HIV patients on Antiretroviral therapy (ART): by Dr. Yifru Birhan 
Magnitude of Sexual Abuse among Male High School student in Addis Ababa: by Rahel Tesfaye
Assessment of Breast Self Examination (BSE) among female employees of University of Gondar with special reference to the application of Health Belief Model: by Dr. Berhanu Sendek .

The 19th Annual Conference:

Conference Theme: Accelerating the Pace to MDG 5 
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include: 
Creating Human Resource to increase access to skilled attendance: by S/r Azeb Admassu 
Key Intervention areas to accelerate pace to MDG 5: by Dr. Atnafu Getachew 
Making facilities ready - logistics: by Ato Yared Yigezu  
ESOG’s role to accelerate pace to MDG 5: by Dr. Ashebir Getachew 
Helping Babies Breathe (HBB): by Ida Neuman 
Scientific papers presented: 
Genital tract infections and associated factors among pregnant women in Wolaiyta Zone SNNPR, Ethiopia: by Anteneh Asefa1 (BSc, MPH, Lecturer), Getnet Mitike2 (MD, MPH, PhD, Associate professor)
A Five-Year Retrospective Study of Vulvovaginal and oral candidiasis at the Mycology Referral   Laboratory of EHNRI, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by: Negga Asamene1, Mekonen Getahun, Surafel Fentaw, 1 Theodros Getachew,1 Meseret Assefa 1 EndriMohammed1, Samuel kinde,2 Kasu Desta2
Prevalence of Vulvo Vaginal Candidiasis among Pregnant women attending antenatal care in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by: Surafel Fentaw, Nega Asamenew, Daniel Mekonnen, Adino Dessale, Dessie Adugna,Woynshet Gelaye, Kassu Desta 
“Superbugs” and Fistula Patients   What should we do? by Prof. Gordon William 
Retrospective Analysis of 315 Cases of Rectovaginal Fistulae: by Habtemariam Tekle, Mary Venn, Gordon Williams
The Need for Better Resources for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health in Ethiopia to accelerate progress to MDGs 4 and 5: by Mr Abduljelil Reshad, Director of Resource Mobilisation, Federal Ministry of Health; Dr Meena Gandhi, Head of Health and HIV/AIDs, Save the Children UK, Ethiopia programme; Ms Yasmin Yusuf, Health Care Financing Consultant
Virginity value, boy/girl friend value, and stigma related to condom among Jimma University students: by Fentie Ambaw1, Andualem Mossie2, Teshome Gobena2.

The 18th Annual Conference:

Conference Theme: Magnesium Sulphate for Prevention of Eclampsia Related Mortality 
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include: 
Profile of preeclampsia/eclampsia in Ethiopia - A Review of the available literature: by Birhanu Kebede
Pharmacology of Magnesium Sulphate in the management of Preeclampsia/Eclampsia: by Professor Eyasu Mekonnen 
The FMoH – UNICEF Initiative to Introduce Magnesium Sulphate therapy by 2010: by Ato Samuel Hadera
Clinical Guide for the Administration of Magnesium Sulphate in the Management of Preeclampsia/Eclampsia: by Dr. Kassahun Kiros
Newborn Health Status in Ethiopia; Why Obstetricians Should Care: by Dr. Samuel Teshome
Scientific papers presented: 
A Multi-Centre Retrospective Cohort Study in HIV-Infected Children: by Dr. Yifru Berhan
Cord blood banking & Transplantation: by Dr Ri Min Sakh 
3rd &4th degree perineal tear managed in Addis Ababa Hamlin Fistula Hospital, Ethiopia: a cases series study: by Dr. Habtemariam Tekle
New Development in Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital: by Mr. Mark Bennett 
A Five-Year Retrospective Study of Vulvovaginal and oral candidiasis at the Mycology Referral   Laboratory of EHNRI, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: by  Negga Asamene1, Mekonen Getahun, Surafel Fentaw, 1 Theodros Getachew,1 Meseret Assefa 1 EndriMohammed1, Samuel kinde,2 Kasu Desta2
Pregnancy outcomes in a previously repaired obstetric fistula patients: by Habtemariam Tekle*, prof. Gordon William, Dereje Ayle.