A team of four from the Rwanda Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (RSOG) visited the Ethiopian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ESOG). The visit of Dr. Eugene Ngoga, president of RSOG, Dr. Stephen Rulisa, 1st vice president, Dr. Nitrushwa David, 2nd vice president and Dr. Aflodis Kagaba, executive director, on August 31- September 1, 2017 aimed at sharing experience on how on professional associations and on the revised abortion law.

It has been five years since RSOG was established while it has been more than a quarter of a century for ESOG as a professional association.

The visit involved a meeting with Dr. Dereje Negussie, president of ESOG, a visit to Adama Hospital Medical College and Adama University’s Ob-Gyn department and an experience sharing meeting with ESOG administration staff, board members and other partner organizations.

On their first stop in Adama, the visitors met Dr. Fikru Abebe, ESOG’s focal person at Adama. Dr. Fikru explained in detail about the Ob-Gyn department, the abortion practices, and the hospital’s experience regarding abortion and other interventions. Dr. Fikru also tour guided the visitors through Adama Hospital.  

On the experience sharing meeting presentations were made about ESOG as a society and its projects, among others by Dr. Dereje and Selamawit Kifle, general manager. Presentations were also made by Dr. Yirgu G.Hiwot on the role of ESOG in revising the abortion law. Other partner organizations like Egender and Ipas Ethiopia have also shared their experiences on the implementation of the revised abortion law.