EX EDThe Ethiopian Journal of Reproductive Health (EJRH), the scientific publication of the Ethiopian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ESOG), has got a boost with restructuring of the editorial board. The new editorial board was introduced on a meeting at the project bureau of ESOG on October 18, 2017. Present on the meeting were members of the executive board and the new editorial board.  

According to the new structure the newly elected members are Dr. Ahmed Abdella, Editor -in-Chief, Dr. Delayehu Bekele, Associate Editor-in-Chief (Ob-Gyn), Dr. Mitike Molla, Associate Editor (Public Health), Dr. Muhidin Abdo, Member/ H. Secretary, Dr. Mulu Muleta, member, Dr. Mirgissa Kabba, Member, Dr. Birhanu Kebede, Member, Dr. Mekdes Daba, Member, Dr. Firewoyni Tesfay, Member, Addisu Deresse, Editor Secretary. Dr. Mirgissa and Dr. Mulu were also members of the old editorial board while the rest are brought in with the new restructuring.

The new editorial board was established by bringing together the old editorial board and members of the Journal Development Thematic Area under the ESOG-ACOG Collaborative Project; while Dr. Mitike and Dr. Ahmed are new to both platforms.   

The restructuring the editorial board is considered a milestone achievement for the Journal Development Thematic Area led by Dr. Muhidin. Following the introduction of the new editorial board, a short meeting was held with the Executive Board on the way forward.


Following a great opportunity sought through the ESOG-ACOG Collaborative Project, the journal has been undergoing a major facelift. Among the opportunities brought along with the project is the collaboration deal struck between EJRH and The Green Journal, one of the most prestigious medical publications in the world. Under this deal, articles submitted to EJRH will have the chance to be reviewed by the most senior Ob-Gyns both in Ethiopia and the US.

The Green Journal has also pledged its full support to the effort of making EJRH the most renowned publication in the region and beyond. There are also discussions to publish the Ethiopian Version of The Green Journal on EJRH, hence bringing reference of high significance closer to our Ob-Gyns. 

The new facelift, aiming to bring about changes in the quality and quantity of publications, has also made a significant restructuring of its editorial board recently. The new editorial board has brought together both the most senior and young, yet heavyweight researchers in Ob-Gyn and public health in Ethiopia.

The new board has also finalized the process for a training of trainers for reviewers and authors, with an objective of increasing the number of researchers nationwide. The independent website being planned to be launched soon will also help online submission and reviewing possible, boosting interest of authors and easing the burden of reviewers.

There is also a new path put in place to support residents and medical professionals with abstracts in upgrading their works to be published. EJRH is more than happy to help in rewriting dissertations of residents and abstracts of practicing professionals so that they could get published and adding weight to their CVs.   

It is in the Journal’s strongest belief that these moves will certainly speed up the editorial process responding faster to submitted articles, increase the pool of authors, hence increasing the number of publications each year, optimize visibility and the chance of being indexed, eventually making possible the membership in the community of the most prestigious medical publications both in the region and worldwide.

EJRH is the scientific publication of ESOG contributing to the evidence based learning in sexual and reproductive health through publishing original articles, case reports, paper reviews and program briefs, among others. So far, the publication has published and distributed 8 volumes and one special issue, the 9th one being in the pipeline.