EJRH GreenThe Ethiopian Journal of Reproductive Health (EJRH), and the Green Journal, one the most prestigious medical publication worldwide struck a deal allowing the earlier to publish manuscripts from the later. The deal was struck on a sideline meeting at Getfam Hotel on Monday October 30, 2017. 
According to the deal, EJRH is allowed to publish manuscripts from the Green Journal as picked by the editorial board of the earlier and approved by Dr. Nancy Chescheir, editor-in-chief of the later. The deal also involves collaboration to improve the reviewers’ pool of EJRH. To that end the Editor-in-Chief of the green journal has promised to create a platform on the website of the journal where Ethiopian reviewers to participate in reviewing manuscripts submitted to the journal. The collaboration also extends to tapping into the reviewers’ pool of the Green Journal so that manuscripts submitted to EJRH. 

The deal will be binding once a memorandum of understanding will be prepared by the Green Journal and signed by both sides. The deal, however, will be translated into action on the next volume of EJRH, which is due to be published the coming February, 2018. There is also an understanding for EJRH to carry two articles on each of the volumes the editorial board is planning to publish before August, 2018. 
The meeting, which was sidelined along with the training for trainers on clinical research, manuscript writing and journal management, was attended by Dr. Nancy, Dr. Ahmed Abdella, editor-in-chief of EJRH, Dr. Muhdiin Abdo, leader of the Journal Development Thematic Area under ESOG-ACOG Collaborative Project, Rebecca Benner, managing editor of the Green Journal, and members of the editorial board of EJRH.

The opportunity that made the deal possible came via the Journal Development Thematic Area under the Collaboration Project between the Ethiopian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ESOG) and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AOG). 
EJRH is a 10 years scientific publication of ESOG contributing to the evidence based learning in sexual and reproductive health through publishing original articles, case reports, paper reviews and program briefs, among others. So far, the publication has published and distributed 8 volumes, the 9th one being in the pipeline.