The 11th Annual Conference:

Conference theme: Prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS: Integration of PMTCT into Save the Mothers Program.
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include: 
Women’s issue and HIV: Overview with emphasis on its relevance to PMTCT: by Dr. Jean Anderson, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Johns Hopkin’s University.
PMTCT of HIV as a component of safe motherhood: Global and regional experience: by Dr. Inam Chitsike, WHO AFRO.
Prime II experience on PMTCT in Rwanda: by Dr. Sosthene Bucyana, Prime II.
PMTCT of HIV/AIDS the Ethiopian situation, challenges, threats and opportunities: by Dr. Abdulhamid Isehak, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Addis Ababa University.
The integration of PMTCT of HIV into existing MCH services in Ethiopia: Current status: by Dr. Tesfanesh Belay, Head Family Health Department, Ministry of Health Ethiopia.
The way forward: by Dr. Feiruz Surur, President, ESOG.
Scientific papers presented:
Mifepreston ( RU- 486) Present and future application: by Dr. A.D. Dwivedi.
Female voluntary Surgical contraception: A five years analysis at family planning: by Asfaw Fekensa, M.D, Kidane G/Kidan, M.D, Feiruz Surur, M.D
Guidance association of Ethiopia Addis Ababa Main branch: by Dr. Asfaw Fekensa.
Sero-prevalence of HIV 1&2 and possible factors affecting prevention of vertical transmission of HIV in antenatal care attendants: by Dr. Getachew Damen, Jimma University Hospital .
Occupational exposure to blood and other body fluids among RH workers in three teaching hospitals in Addis Ababa: by Dr. Shemse Legesso.
Gynecological laparoscopy in infertile women the experience at Gondar College of Medical sciences: by Dr. Nuru Abseno.
KAP on Emergency Contraception among female students in a high school in Addis Ababa: by Dr. Mesfin G/Egziabher.
Assessment of abortion in the rural and urban area of north west Ethiopia: by Dr. Elias Senbeto.