The 13th Annual Conference:

Pre-conference workshop: Women centered post abortion care.
International commitments to reduce unsafe abortion & Chronology of postabortion care including a brief overview on the women centered PAC manual: by Dr. Fitsum Araya.
The Revised Penal Code of Abortion in Ethiopia ,Upcoming issues and next steps: by W/o Ellen Alem.
IPAS MVA plus aspirator and IPAS easy grip cannulae: by Dr. Yewondwossen Tilahun.
Conference theme: Millennium Development Goals in relation to the National RH strategy: Challenges and Opportunities.
Conference theme:  Millennium Development Goal in relation to National Strategy of RH: Challenges and Opportunities and Pre Conference Workshop On Women Centered Post Abortion Care and workshop on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights. 
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include: 
Road map to safe motherhood: by Dr. Kidane G/Kidan, WHO.
Health system and management readiness for MDG with RH strategy: by Dr. Ayele Debebe, MoH.
MDG in relation to RH strategy challenges and opportunities: Economic perspective in Ethiopian set-up: by Ato Netsanet Walelegn, ESHE.
MDG in relation to RH strategy with Population perspective: what are the challenges: by Garry Conille, UNFPA.
The contribution of science & technology towards achieving the MDG in relation to RH strategy: by Dr. Yemane Teklai, Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission.
The role of professional societies in attaining MDGs related with RH: by Dr. Wouhabe Marai, ESOG.