The 15th Annual Conference:

Conference theme:  Implementing Best Practices: The Way Forward
IMPLANTS: what is new? by Dr. Ayele Debebe
Past Reproductive Performance and its correlation with current prenatal mortality by Dr. Solomon Tilahun 
Barrier to accessing emergency contraception among victims of sexual assault in Addis Ababa by Dr. Munir Kassa 
KAP of physicians on Hormone replacement therapy by Dr. Dawit Desalegn 
Gender based violence among high school girls in Addis Ababa by Dr. Gelane Lelissa 
A 5 year retrospective review of maternal mortality at Ambo Hospital by Dr. Herpassa Garamssa 
Early Medical Abortion by Dr. Helena von Hertzen
Making products available for medical abortion by Peter Hall
Summary of the new classification of Obstetric vesical and rectal Fistulae by Dr. Biruk Tafesse
Female genital mutilation and obstetric outcomes: WHO multi-center collaborative study by Dr Guyo Jaldesa & Dr Mohamed EL Fadi
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include: 
Ethiopia’s Population Growth and its implications for achieving selected MDGs, ,by Dr Assefa Hailemariam ,SRC/AAU
The Future of RH in Ethiopia: Policies, Strategies and Action Plans  , ,by Dr Ayele Debebe ,Head, Family health Department, MoH
Upcoming Human Resource Issues in Health , ,by Ato Yohannes Tadesse, Health Training Department, MoH
International SRH Perspectives and their Implication to the Future of SRH in Ethiopia, ,by Dr Monique Rakotomalala UNFPA Representative 
Gender policies and action plans:  inference  to the Future of SRH in Ethiopia , ,by W/o Atsede Guta, Ministry of Women’s Affairs
Young Gynecologists perspective and expectations of the future. , , by Dr Lia Tadesse, Consultant, Obs-Gyn, ESOG
SRHR and the Legal Implications , by W/o Mahider Paulos, EWLA