The 17th Annual Conference:

Conference Theme: The Future of Obstetric and Gynaecologic Care in Ethiopia
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include: 
National EmONC Assessment-Ethiopia: by Dr. Barbara Kwast. 
Obstetric and Gynecologic Practice in Ethiopia-Status and Prospects: by Dr. Mekonnen Kebede. 
Obstetric and Gynecologic Education in Ethiopia: by Dr. Nebreed Fisseha. 
International Experiences of Obstetric and Gynecologic Education of relevance to Ethiopia: by Prof. Lukman Yusuf. 
Graduate Program at AAU/MF-Viewpoints from Recent Graduates: by Dr. Abdu Mengesha. 
Medico legal issues of relevance to Health Care Providers: by Dr. Ato Abebe Asamere.
ESOG and the Obstetric and Gynecologic profession in Ethiopia: by Dr. Iyasu H/Selassie. 
Msc Training in Emergency Obstetric and Surgery and the Obstetric and Gynecologic Profession:by Dr.Yifru Berhan
Scientific papers presented: 
Cost-effectiveness analysis of clinic specialist outreach project in Ethiopia: by Abeba Mekonen, Tilahun Nigatu, Yibeltal Kifle 
Ureterovaginal fistulae following obstetric and gynecological intervention in Ethiopia from 2004-2009: by Professor G. Williams, Dr Rahel Nardos, S. Broughton, Dr Haile Mariam and Dr Habte Mariam.
Safe Motherhood Initiative - A Success and a Challenge Attat Hospital Experience 1987-2008: by Sister Elaine Kohls, MMS, MSc
New Innovations for Cervical Cancer Screening Liquid Based cytology (LBC): the current situation: by Misrak Teshome
Mother-Support-Group Initiation and Scale-Up in Ethiopia’s PMTCT Program: by Patricia MCLAUGHLIN, Hanna Tesama, Solomon Hagos
Contribution of private facilities in national PMTCT program: by Dr. Daniel Kindie
ACCESS Program activities and its role in EONC: by Dr. Nebreed Fesseha