Certificates 001

The Ethiopian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ESOG) is certified as a CPD Accreditor by Human Resource Development Directorate, CPD Committee at the Ministry of Health (MoH). The status gives ESOG the authority to accredit organizations, associations, training centers and the likes to provide accredited CPD courses. It also allows ESOG to approve national CPD courses particularly courses on reproductive health, maternal and women’s health. The endorsement has been given for a year to be renewed every year.

On another note, the renewal for ESOG’s certification, as a CPD Provider by Ethiopian Midwives Association (EmWA), is underway and on its final stage. ESOG was certified as CPD Provider by EmWA in August 2019 for a year to be renewed every year. Given this important status in the national CPD implementation effort of the MOH, ESOG will have a great responsibility to discharge the roles as CPD accreditor and provider as expected by the national CPD guideline and directive.

ESOG is also working on developing the electronic CPD platform and database particularly required in the COVID-19 era. IT officers at our Society are developing the e-learning platform which will allow members and any other health professionals to e-register, attend e-learn courses, which are fully credited, receive e-certificate, have trainers’ and trainees’ profiles uploaded and exported by the CPD accreditor and regulatory bodies as deemed necessary, among many other features. The team is working on it to be ready for the upcoming pre-conference CME which is anticipated to be conducted in a hybrid mode.