Dr. Melaku Abraha was raised in Addis Abeba where he was born. In 1991 G.C., he attended his first class at Black Lion Hospital. He was hired as a medical director at Maichew Hospital and worked there for four years. As the first emergency surgeon financed by a UN body, he helped numerous women. After completing his graduate 


studies, he entered the Addis Abeba University Medical Faculty and earned a degree in gynecology and obstetrics.

Later, he was appointed medical director at Adigrat Hospital, where, in addition to his work as a gynecologist and obstetrician, he made substantial contributions as a surgeon. He underwent additional training as a fistula surgeon after serving for three years as a general gynecologist and obstetrician. He was accredited as a TOT by FIGO and the British Royal College of Surgeons, and he mentored future gynecologists.

He and his colleagues worked toward the goal of announcing a fistula-free region by the year 2020 G.C. throughout their time at the Mekelle Fistula Center under the direction of partners.

A lack of financing made maternal services difficult to provide in the areas where he was working during the tragic strife that afflicted Northern Ethiopia. Even under the most difficult circumstances, Dr. Melaku kept providing his services. Dr. Melaku and his associates were able to serve 430 cases (obstetric fistula, POP, and other related cases) from May 2021 until the present by mobilizing resources.

They established the first three-year program of its kind, the Urogynecology Fellowship Program, with assistance from Worldwide Fistula, Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia, and Ayder Health Science College. Three Ethiopian fellows are still in the program, while four Ethiopian fellows have graduated. Currently, Dr. Melaku oversees both the fellowship program and the facility.

Along with his usual Gyn-Obs services, which he supplied for 18 years, he performed over 3500 obstetrics fistula operations and 1000 suspension augmented POP surgeries, passing on the necessary skills to junior colleagues.

Dr. Melaku was a researcher as well. Numerous of his researches have been published in prestigious local and international journals.