Ethiopia Society of Obstetritians & Gynecologists
CME Management System
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



# Presenter Title Action
Prof. Marina DEGTYAREVAPerinatal Cytomegalovirus Infection: Risks, Diagnosis, Prevention, Management Downlaod
Dr. Adi Katz Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Downlaod
Prof. Christoph Thomssen Principles of Chemotherapy in Gynecological Cancer Downlaod
Dr. Sarah PragerUpdates in contraception 2021 Downlaod
Dr. Hisham ArabUltrasonic Assessment of Recurrent Miscarriages Downlaod
Prof. Ivica ZaludFetal Growth Restriction: The Pendulum Swings! Downlaod
Prof. Irina Buhimschi, Dr. Gelila GobaThe Congo Red Test: A Novel Approach to Reducing Morbidity and Mortality from Preeclampsia Downlaod
Dr. Milan StanojevicLimits of Viability: Ethical and Medical Aspects Downlaod
Dr. Rahel NardosUpdates on the Management of Pelvic Organ Prolapse Downlaod
Dr. Wondimu GuduManagement of RH Alloimmunization: opportunities and challenges in Ethiopia Downlaod
Dr. Loralei L. ThornburgCardiac Disease in Pregnancy Downlaod
Dr. Arthur Jason VaughtSepsis in pregnancy : Recognition, Diagnosis, and Management (surviving sepsis) Downlaod
Dr. Sarah PragerUpdate on Second Trimester Surgical Abortion Downlaod


# Presenter Title Action
Diagnosis and management of mullerien anomaliesDr. Narendra Malhotra Downlaod
GTD:Management of High -Risk,& Recurrent/Refractory DiseaseDr. Hesborn Wao Downlaod
Updates on the management of pelvic organ prolapseDr. Rahel Nardos Downlaod
Innovative approaches for pharmacologic studies in pregnant and lactating womenDr. Ahizechukwu Eke Downlaod
Perinatal Cytomegalovirus Infection: Risks, Diagnosis, Prevention and ManagementDr. Marina Degtyareva Downlaod
Abnormal uterine bleeding and its evaluationDr. Adi Katz Downlaod
Medical, social and ethical issues of prenatal screening and diagnosisDr. Giovanni Monni Downlaod
Humanistic Approach to SurgeryDr. Ben Schwartz Downlaod
Limits of viability: ethical and medical aspectsDr. Milan Stanojevic Downlaod
Ultrasound in Fetal Thoracic AnomaliesDr. Radu Vladareanu Downlaod
IUGR baby: The pendulum swings!Dr. Ivica Zalud Downlaod
GTD:Management of High -Risk,& Recurrent/Refractory Disease Dr. Rahel Ghebre Downlaod
Principle of chemotherapy in gynecology malignancy Dr. Christoph Thomssen Downlaod
Pharmacotherapeutic dilemmas in Obstetrics: Lessons from HIV and Pre-eclampsiaDr. Ahizechukwu Eke Downlaod
First and second trimester anatomyDr. Joan Mastrobattista Downlaod
Updates on contraceptives (Especially new generation) Dr. Sarah Prager Downlaod
Updates on 2nd trimester surgical termination of pregnancy Dr. Sarah Prager Downlaod
Ethical Aspects in the Distribution of Covid VaccineDr. Peter Schwartz Downlaod
Critical Care Course in Obstetrics ICU basicsDr. Elizabeth Stringer Downlaod
Placenta AccretaDr. Karin Fox Downlaod
Endocrine EmergenciesDr. Cornelia Graves Downlaod
Management of HemorrhageDr. Sonya Abdel-Razeq Downlaod
Cardiac disease in pregnancyDr. Loralei Thornburg Downlaod
Management of Respiratory disease in pregnancyDr. Cornelia Graves Downlaod
Ultrasound Evaluation of Ectopic PregnancyDr. Mohamed Ibrahim Downlaod
Vulvar CancerDr. Biruck Gashawbeza Downlaod
IVF Stimulation: Personalized, Optimized, and Simplified.Dr Urmila Diwekar Downlaod
Genetic testing in OB-GYN care: the Ethiopian experienceDr.Zewdu Terefework Downlaod
Ethical Challenges Faced by Learners in ObGynProf. Peter Schwartz Downlaod
Update on the role of colposcopy in screening precancerous lesion of the cervixProf Maximillian Klar Downlaod
Ethical dimensions of abortion: A current worldwide controversyProf Frank Chervenak Downlaod
Management of Respiratory Disease in PregnancyDr Connie Graves Downlaod
Management of Arrhythmias in PregnancyDr Mauricio La Rosa Downlaod
Cardiac Disease in PregnancyDr Loralei Thornburg Downlaod
Abnormal uterine bleedingDr Adi Katz Downlaod
Reversing Physician Hesitancy to Recommend COVID-19 Vaccination for Pregnant PatientsDr Frank Chervenak Downlaod
Cardiomyopathy and MIDr Afshan Hameed Downlaod
Management of stage 3 and 4 Anterior vaginal wall prolapseDr Demisew Amenu Downlaod
ICU basicsDr Elisabeth Schmith Downlaod
Endocrine Emergencies and DKADr Connie Graves Downlaod
Management of Respiratory disease in pregnancy Dr Connie Graves Downlaod
Maternal Cardiovascular Morbidity and Mortality: Reducing the Impact of Heart Failure and Dr Joan Briller Downlaod
Management of alloimmunized caseDr Eyob Gelan Downlaod
Acute Neurologic Disease in PregnancyDr Loralei Thornburg Downlaod
Overdose in PregnancyDr Marcela Smid Downlaod
Updates in family planningDr Nega Tesfaw Downlaod
The role of interventional radiology in OBGYN for resource limited settingsDr Matthew Niemeyer Downlaod
Management of mixed urinary incontinenceDr Rahel Nardos Downlaod
Management of Hemorrhage Dr Sonya Abdel-Razeq Downlaod
Updates on chemotherapy in gynecologic malignanciesDr Abdu Adem Downlaod
Hysteroscopic interventions for resource-limited settingsDr Narendra Malhotra Downlaod
Updates on Overactive Bladder (OAB)Dr Peter Finamore Downlaod
Physician Ethics in Wartime and other thoughtsDr Peter Scwartz Downlaod
Physician Ethics in Wartime and other thoughtsDr Peter Scwartz Downlaod
ICU basicsDr Elizabeth Stringer Downlaod
Place of transvaginal ultrasound in infertility workup and managementDr Thomas Mekuria Downlaod
SepsisDr Arthur Vaught Downlaod
Discuss imaging parameters for basic fetal anatomy, fetal cardiac anatomy & common Doppler strategiesProf Sifa Turan Downlaod